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"Education Is All About Giving The Sparkles."

— Grace Lin, the co-founder of Smap Education


We want to create a harmonious world where everyone can understand each other & communicates through language and heart.


We want to create a harmonious world where the East meets the West and understands each other.

The eastern part of the world has been learning the language and the culture of the West for decades and is gradually getting to know and understand the mentality of the western world. For the two parts of the world to communicate more effortlessly, it is time to unveil the mysterious cover of the East. We set our goal as the bridge for the West to walk over to the East, to better understand and to be able to communicate, not just with the language, but with heart.

We help learners to understand languages & cultures while having fun! We also assist teachers to establish advanced & engaging lessons.


With the maturity of the internet era and the accessibility of electronic devices, we are set to help students from all over the world to learn and to understand the languages and cultures of the other parts of the world. We are also aiming at helping teachers transform their teachings into a more digitized format. To achieve this goal, digital teaching materials and teaching supplementary materials, including YouTube videos, are created and shared. We want to be the solution to language education and cultural understanding.


From Zero to One.

Unfold Smap Education's story with our co-founder Grace Lin


The Problem

​Being a teacher in Chinese programs, I've seen a lot of students struggling with inadequate learning methods (e.g. 3 hours of class straight.) The reason for student's struggle mainly comes from the trainings teacher have been received which are not meant for teaching digital natives. Seeing many of my colleagues, students, and their parents having unpleasant teaching & learning experience, makes me wonder what I can do to make a change. 

In addition, with the rising awareness of anti-Asian hate and frequently misinterpreted Chinese culture, I would love to share my experience & knowledge with more people in hope to generate more understanding between people from different backgrounds. 

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