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Personalize Lessons

"I am a 35 years old salesman who often needs to contact clients in China. Can I learn some business Mandarin with Smap?" The answer is YES!

Everyone has different conditions; may that be age, level, purpose, or even learning preference. Therefore, the personalization models are here for you!


After you sent out the basic inquiry down below, our team will design a set of lessons based on your requests. This process will take about 1 to 3 months depending on the size, length, & depth of the demand. 




Choose your best personal learning models from below.

Fill up the personalization form. Our team will contact you for further discussion.

Start learning from the contents designed specifically for you!



This class is for individual coaching.


Beneficial for those who want to:
  • Have a class without age/level limitation

  • Build language skills in a shorter period

  • Focus on personal areas of improvement

  • Receive individual attention & feedback

  • Learn topics of your own interests

Large Group


The class is for a group of 6-15 students.


Beneficial for those who want to:
  • Build stronger language skills as a team or as a class

  • Learn with a group of friends with similar levels & goals


This is best for school language clubs, after-school programs, or corporate trainings.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: 


phone: 647 668 9498

Small Group


This class is for a group of 2-5 students.


Beneficial for those who want to:
  • Learn with your siblings, friends, colleagues, etc.

  • Study Mandarin with friends at similar levels or with the same goal 

  • Get relatively more attention from the instructor in class

  • Practice speaking in a smaller group

  • Connect with others & improve together

Family Learning



This class is for a family of 2-5 members.


Beneficial for parents to:
  • Build supportive environment at home

  • Assist kids in immersion learning

  • Enhance parent-child interaction

Beneficial for children to:

  • Learn daily conversation easily

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationship 

  • Develop emotional connection ability

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