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Winter Course

Basic Conversations & Winter Activities

Teach by 

Grace Lin

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What you'll learn

How to introduce yourself in next level, with more descriptive words and family member names

How to say names of different occupations through clips of reading

How to describe winter activities and apply in conversations

Who this program is for

• Age: 6-12
• Level: Level 2 (Beginners to Intermediate)
• Love exploring the world, learning new language, & making new friends
• Able to attend at least 15 classes

* Complete the level test to find out which level you are in.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

• Early bird price until Dec. 22th
• Select your pricing plan in the registration form
• We will confirm your successful registration via email

Program Details


10 Weeks


30 mins/class

Total Classes

20 Classes

Program Size

10 Students


Jan. 04 - Mar. 11, 2022


Every Tuesday & Thursday at 4:00-4:30 pm (EST)


In this year's winter course, we are going to focus on two major themes:
Daily Conversation & Winter Activities.

1. You will review a variety of important topics that are often used in daily conversations:
• Self-introduction
• Occupations
• Daily Necessaries

2. You will learn about winter activities in different phase of the season:
• New Year (including Chinese New Year)
• Winter Sports (hokey, skiing, etc.)
• Spring Is Coming

Course Content

Lesson 1: 自我介绍 Self-introduction
Lesson 2: 新年 New Year
Lesson 3: 新年新希望 New Year, New Wishes
Lesson 4: 特别的我 The Special Me
Lesson 5: 我们的秘密 Our Secrets
Lesson 6: 中国新年 Chinese New Year
Lesson 7: 颜色的秘密 The Secrets of Colours
Lesson 8: 新年吃什么? What To Eat In New Year?
Lesson 9: 上课了! Class Starts!
Lesson 10: 小宝的兴趣 Xiao-bao's Interests
Lesson 11: 晚餐吃什么呢? What To Eat As Dinner?
Lesson 12: 奶奶家的小白 Xiao-bai From Grandma's place
Lesson 13: 滑雪很好玩 Skiing Is Fun
Lesson 14: 哥哥想当科学家 Brother Wants To Be A Scientist
Lesson 15: 舅舅的新车 Uncle's New Car
Lesson 16: 阿姨是医生 Aunt Is A Doctor
Lesson 17: 老师送给我的礼物 A Gift From Teacher
Lesson 18: 校外教学 Field Trip
Lesson 19: 春天到了吗? Is Spring Here?
Lesson 20: 和外公外婆一起去旅行 Traveling With Grandparents

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